Alice Branton

Alice Branton, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Trivedi Global Inc., has herself experienced Energy Transmissions through The Trivedi Effect® and found amazing results as she gained inner peace, happiness and an improved sense of well-being.

The Trivedi Effect®, a natural phenomenon, when harnessed and transmitted by individuals, can transform living organisms and non-living materials so they can function at their highest level and serve a greater purpose. People of all ages and from all walks of life have reported to have found inner peace and more energy.

Mahendra Trivedi has the unique ability to transmit energy through his thoughts. This energy has the ability to transform all living organisms such as plants, trees, seeds, bacteria, viruses, fungi, animals, cancer cells, human cells… everything. Additionally, this energy has the ability to transform non-living materials, such as metals, ceramics, polymers and chemicals by changing the structure of the atom permanently.

The Trivedi Effect® strengthens each individual’s capacity to listen to his or her own inner guidance system and connects the individual to the infinite source of Universal Intelligence. By getting connected to the inner guidance system, people start harnessing the Life Force/Vital Force from the God of their understanding. The Life Force has the ability to bring everything in a person’s life like good health, financial abundance, emotional and psychological balance, true happiness, better relationships and an overall sense of well-being.

Over 200,000 people have experienced an Energy Transmission and gained inner peace by getting connected to their inner guidance system. Along with more inner peace, they reported improved sleep, freedom from stress, anxiety, fear of the future, and improved focus that contributed to their mental health, emotional and psychological balance, and brought in overall health and happiness.